Sometimes I have a bad days and sometimes I have good days. You expect the next line to say something like “But my good days outweigh the bad”. That’s not always the case. I can’t say that my life is horrible and the universe is against me, but I can say that my life is hard and I spend every second of every minute of every hour of every day wishing, praying, hoping that a miracle will suddenly fall out of the sky.

Anyways, I start therapy soon maybe that’ll be good for me or it could totally back fire and make things even worse and drive me to insanity. That’s the horrible terrific thing about LIFE it’s full of surprises. I haven’t completely opened up about my depression to anyone, so to think that I’m going to open up to a shrink terrifies me. What if she tries to throw me in a mental hospital or something?… That’s another thing about me, I over think damn near everything. 

Wish me luck



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