Age Is Nothing But A Number.

19. It’s the fine line between teenager and adult. Very confusing, one moment your mom looks at you like you’re her little baby and she never wants you to leave the house, but all of a sudden when a bill needs to be paid or an errand needs to be ran you’re suddenly an adult and you “need to start taking up more responsibilities!” I swear my mom hand picks the days she wants to view me as an adult and the days she doesn’t. 

To be fucking honest with you, I’ve always thought of myself as an adult. I tell everyone all the time that I was born in the wrong decade, I belong to the 80s. I’m really supposed to be like 40 something right now. I have this theory that, this is the reason I’m only attracted only to older men. In my mind I’m married to Ed Helms with 2 children, twin boys, Jack and Harry. Don’t ask. 

Although I don’t date men that are in their 40s (only because I’m bad at sneaking around and I’m afraid that my family will think I’m deliberately singlehandedly ruining my life and they will collectively decide to shun me), I do date older men; my max is 5 years…now whether or not they’ll meet the family or make it into the awkward monthly conversations my mother and I have about boooyyysss[insert gagging noise here], the world may never know.

I guess I’ll tell the juicy love stories between me and my men another day. Maybe tomorrow. Depends on how open I feel…..haha I just realized I said “me and my men” haha. Oh yeah I tend to crack myself up on the dumbest things. What about you? What makes you laugh? What are your deal breakers and deal makers in relationships? Do you believe age is just a number? Im curious…


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