What Am I Doing Here???

This is the post excerpt.


Hi. I’m Stacy. I’m not very good at making first impressions but the way I see it is, either you’ll love me or hate me. But all in all, I hope you’ll decide to stick around. Honestly, I’m not even sure who’s going to see this. Maybe I’ll be talking to myself this whole time or maybe somehow it’ll go viral and hundreds of thousands of people will see this…who knows? See that’s the beauty of life, you never know what to expect, anything can happen at any moment. I could literally pass out right now in the middle of this sentence and hit my head and lose all of my memory. Of course that’s super random and the chances of that happening are actually slim to none…Im obviously guessing.. I tried to google the statistics on that but the world wide web has once again disapointed me. Anywhos, this blog will be a sneak peak into the head of a young adult revealing all of her deepest darkest secrets, daily experiences and personal thoughts… a complete stranger to you, but for some reason you’re going to keep up with her and her posts, why? Well that’s easy, it’s because no one wants to feel alone. And somehow by reading this you may feel better about yourself… thank God I didn’t pass out huh?

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